About Magnum Automotive

Magnum Automotive specialise in servicing and tuning of vehicles from the real glory days of the performance car era. When engines still had carburetors to supply the fuel and distributors to supply ignition.   John and Graeme Mincham have been working on all types of fossil burning machines from stock to full on race, for over 25 years, and have collected a wealth of engine design and tuning information along the way. With the addition of the Dyno machines (Engine and Rolling Road) this knowledge base has only escalated.   So if you want professional engine building, tuning and servicing for your American or Australian made vehicles, John and Graeme are set up to get you the results you desire.

John Mincham

John’s start in V8’s was 100% down to an older cousin David Mincham. This man led him down the road of the V8 society from an early age. John then crewed on a Saloon Car at Waikaraka Park with David, which was the start of crewing on multiple race machines.

John did his time with a Ford V8 specialist, Wayne Unkovich. Wayne also helped Graeme and instantly saw the potential. Then John crewed for Leith Maskovich on Western Springs Speedway Midgets and Mini-Sprints. Around this time John also had dealings with a local West Auckland jet boat club ‘The Captains’, from there the Jet Boat saga started, pleasure and race boats. When his apprenticeship was served Leith Maskovich set John up in a workshop to service his V8 car yard. Two years later John bought out the mechanical side of Magnum Motors and Magnum Automotive was born.

Graeme Mincham

John’s younger brother Graeme has been playing with V8’s all his life, he assembled his first V8 for John at 12 years of age, out in Dad’s garage, where they spent most of their time. By the time he was 17 years old he owned a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang (red of course) which he duly took to the drag strip on a regular basis – always striving to go faster.   In the mid 90’s a jet sprint boat was purchased the motor out of the Mustang was fitted and this was a start of another adrenaline filled direction of racing. This morphed from an entry level boat into the fire breathing Rylock/Magnum Automotive sponsored blown alcohol super boat that he raced all over the country. The racing has taken a break at the moment, concentrating on engine building and tuning.