Dyno Testing

Rolling Road Dyno

We have a Land and Sea DYNOmite 24″ rolling road dyno with a 1000HP water brake load system. The system is fully electronically controlled through Land and Sea DYNOmax data logging system. With this system we can record required data to tune for optimum engine performance.

With this style of Dyno we can run the engine in controlled road load to simulate the driving of your vehicle on the road, this means we can tune your vehicle in the critical areas that you use all the time. Improving drivability as well as fuel mileage. This style of tuning is not what people think Dyno tuning is all about, thinking every run is full throttle, full power runs. This is not the case, we tune for full power but 80% of the session is about part throttle tuning.

Before Tune

This vehicle was run through a standard road load test. This graph is the data collected. At 50km the black line shows a fuel heavy AFR of 12.5/1, good for full power, not so good for economy. It also has big fluctuations. At 100km it is showing a still rich cruising AFR of 13/1

After Tune

This graph shows the results after tuning of the cruise systems of the carburettor. The 50km is showing a much tighter packed 14/1 ratio and the 100km 14/1 as well. This will result in much better throttle response as well as more fuel mileage when cruising.

Engine Dyno

After installing the rolling road Dyno an Engine Dyno was a natural progression (you can’t tune Jet Sprints on a rolling road). A Land and Sea DYNOmite Engine dyno was purchased. A 2000HP water brake was the ticked option. The water supply had to be upgraded to handle the extra capacity needed to hold 2000HP. The engine dyno is up and running and has the full compliment of sensors used for engine dyno and development.

This is a comparison of the same engine, run on both of our dyno’s.

The red line was captured on our Land and Sea engine dyno and the black is off our Land and Sea rolling road. This gives you an accurate idea of the losses involved through the driveline of your vehicle. {16.7% loss in this case}

This was a vehicle with a TH350 transmission and Chev 10 Bolt Differential.

These results are off a Magnum Automotive designed and built 383 Crate Engine.