Engine Tuning

Specialist Carb Tuners

At Magnum Automotive our real expertise is in carburetor tuning. Over the years we had identified and worked out how to tune carburetors to go seamlessly from idle right the way to full power. We are set-up to tune Holly, Quickfuel, Carter, Edelbrock and Quadrajet carburetors. Looking for a new carburetor for your car, we recommend and fit Quickfuel Carburetor, for excellent value for money, excellent base features and ease of tuning.


An often overlooked part of tuning. Without the spark, there is no fire, without something to light the fire .. … no power.

With what has happened to our fuel quality over the last few years the game has changed a lot. The unleaded fuels always run a blake tailpipe (no lead oxide to turn your tailpipe grey) and the tuning window of the new fuel is very narrow compared to the old leaded fuel. So the by product is its very easy to black out your spark plugs. Old points style ignition systems have to be in perfect shape to even have a chance of working correctly, this system also goes out of tune very quickly. We recommend a quality electronic system as miminum for a good reliable running engine. Inductive systems like GM HEI’s have a very strong spark that work well with our fuel. CDI systems like MSD also work well with their multi-strike strategy in the low RPMs.