Pro street 69 Camaro, 1st @ 2007 and 2nd @ 2008 Fathers Day-American Car Shootout – with a WOF and Reg. Darren’s new car is a very serious street/strip car, it’s a back halved street car with a lot of tyre in the rear. Darren likes the pro street look and this car has it all, its no good to have the look if can’t produce the goods. The 540 Dart/Magnum makes sure the performance is there. This engine is designed to run on pump gas but still powers the car to a 9.5sec quarter, naturally aspirated. Turn the big shot nitrous system on and the car does monster wheel stands with a best ET of 8.8sec @ 155mph. Runs a Pro-Systems Carburetor, Magna Fuel electric fuel pump, MSD 7 Digital ignition system and NOS Big Shot Nitrous system.